by The Antique Babies

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"THE ALBUM OF THE YEAR"_Baby Puke Magazine


released September 22, 2012

Justin Beatty: vocals, electric (left side) and acoustic guitars, rhodes
Alex Callenberger: electric guitar (right side), space echo, vocals, percussion
Justin Lutz: bass, vocals, percussion
Mike Hudson: drums, vocals, percussion, leaves

Recorded/Engineered by Richard Rupert and Green Valley Studios
Mixed/Mastered by Hunter Wentzler
Produced/Arranged by The Antique Babies
Babies Bite Records

ADULTS album cover by JLu

Special thanks to our families, Manolo Moreno, Grahm Dion, David Kubarek, Mick Johns, Steve Koch & the folks at The Bullfrog, Hunter Wentzler, Bob Yoas, and Richard Rupert.



all rights reserved


The Antique Babies Williamsport, Pennsylvania

The Antique Babies play rock’n’roll, with a focus on the parts complementing the whole. Their sound is fresh but has its roots in something deeper than the present. The songs comment on communication and are as dynamic as their architects. The band consists of Justin Beatty (vox/guitar), Alex Callenberger (guitar/vox), Justin Lutz (bass/vox), and Mike Hudson (drums/vox). ... more

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Track Name: I Am My Own Nation
when I stepped back
to look at my creation
I heard my own nation
I am my own nation
with you by side
making things better
I would never sweat it
cause I could live forever
I could live forever...

who will take the shot
when the clock stops rolling?
a problem not a part of
you should be a part of a solution
a part of a solution
be a part of a solution
be a part of a solution
Track Name: Buy It With My Debt
come along with me
I'll buy it with my debt
just because you don't see it happening
doesn't mean it's not here yet
when I'm awake
at night
please know that I
am coming home

I walk alone
to my flashy new jet
when you coming home, dear?
I don't know
but I'll see you then
when I'm awake
at night
know that I
am coming home
I'm coming home
Track Name: Death
approached from the left
black cougar bereft
of a
a heart

my right
foot pounced to protect
my son
my love
my life
my heart
my heart

we shot
across the street
oh my
oh my
oh my
oh my
I can't breathe

I risk
a passing glance
we made it through
death passed
us by
and now we are free

at home
safe in your room
you turn and point
and you
and you
you never knew

how close
we were to the end
love your life
your life
is family
and friends
Track Name: Be True
be true
to you
be true
to me
I need
some time
you need
some time

to think
to run
from wrong
we've done
fix up
I'll fix up

us both
our boat
get back
to land
where we know
where we stand
Track Name: Young One/Hide & Seek
you're young enough that you don't have to pretend
I'm old enough that I can help you relax
my friend

I will count loud so that you can hear me
something simple like your one, two, threes
my friend
you and me

I am like you, sometimes I don't feel time
I feel your heartbeat like a quickening rhyme
my friend
you and me

we will
we will find you
Track Name: Back This Beat
can you
can you run around me?
can you, can you, can you
come around
and grab me?
cause now I know you've got this
I'm holding back this
holding back this beat
this time

you're so forever and erratic
who's got the potential to correct this?
wait, wait, wait don't you tell me
this time

you are electric
I wish I could collect it
then I'd have some energy in me
but I'm not at it
and even when I've had it
I am content just to have you here
with me
this time
Track Name: Down Domino
round and round and down we go
we're like sad dominoes
we clad plain poetry in white
we hold our fears
good and tight
gliding gracefully airtight
we kiss our secret selves goodnight
and ride it out until we fight

we are not profound
we just make sound
we think we rule
words we use often get round
our thoughts roll around us on the ground
we're writing stories in the dirt

a band of circles we roll round
but go nowhere 'til we fall down
round and round and down we go
we're just like sad dominoes
we're just like sad dominoes
Track Name: Don't You Get Me
I don't think
that I have much
to give to you

no not in
your current state

I know that
there is too much
to replace

but I can't watch you stare
my face

don't you get

No, I don't think
that I have much
to give to you
Track Name: A Ghost
a ghost is coming for you
run on home and pretend
that this is
not all happening yet
that this is
not all happening yet

no matter what you think
this could be good not
the breath goes out of your lungs
dispose of the clothes in your house

if you're going your way I'll go mine
which way is your way so I know mine
Track Name: Heading East
heading east out of paradise
I am free to do whatever
God forsaken
we only control ourselves

why don't you come inside
and dust yourself off?
don't forget the way things are

gifts are liked or liked not
it's all a matter of preference
all you can do is choose your countenance

think about the story of us all
think about the story of us all

prevailing wind comes from the west
brings the scent of good things lost
the trick is not how to get back
you've got to find it where you are
Track Name: Red Light Blink
high up above
above the boutique
the red light blink

high up above
up above me
the red light blink

I don't want you
to get to know me
the red light blink

I just want to go out
and play on my swing
but the red light blink
the red light blink
the red light blink
the red light blink
Track Name: Humor String
I've been here before
swimming in this memory
a presidential mimicry
humor plucks a string
in my heart

vibration starts smiling
quite simply it's alarming
how fast is this all going
to be?

if you can appreciate honesty
and you can appreciate simplicity
and you can appreciate confusion
then you can appreciate me

how fast is this all going
to be?
Track Name: Things That Fall
if you get what you want
that won't make it better
let's talk about feelings
like they matter
I will give you my sweet

one thing about terseness
it bangs and it clatters
don't you stand over them
they'll pull you off of your ladder
we feel bad
we catch things that fall

we feel bad we catch things that fall